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the secret

Posted by giveaphuk on February 19, 2007

In homage to Bukowski i have a new catagory titled ‘women’ in which i can express my love (& frustrations) encounted with my favorite gender of the human species..

now today i am musing, why does it feel so exciting to have a secret thing going with someone, yet so frustrating cause its something that i have to be a little hush hush about..

At art school i once did an artwork titled ‘the secret’, it was a pair of girls panties (very sexy ones @ that) that mysteriously appeared in my room after a very big night, so i built a display box, & suspended them with fishhooks, springs & wire.. Titled the work ‘the secret’ & too this day i figure there is only one person who knows the origin of the work. I myself was never 100% sure whose they were.

*sigh* alas the work has been lost, along with the wild art school days.. although i am endevoring to recreate the work digitally, unless in the future some fine woman leaves behind underwear worthy of art!


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