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vista – a macfanboys 1st impression

Posted by giveaphuk on February 20, 2007

so my mate came around with a brand new laptop so i could show him around, turns out it has windows vista (home edition) installed on it, so i spend the 1st hour or so wavering between WTF & hey this is cool.

Didn’t run BF2, i crashed it (badly) after stupidly installing an xp driver. From being primarily a mac user, though i do use XP for games etc, only if they are not already ported to osX, I have to say that vista is a great improvement, i’d enjoy playing more with it, i guess i would need the best version, don’t know if ‘home’ quite cuts it, but i’d have to say osX does win hands down, but vista does have legs, & it’s an os i will be keeping an eye out for..


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