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saying goodbye to the team

Posted by giveaphuk on February 24, 2007

yesterday, my boss, requested that I notify my team of graphic artists that tonight would be their last night working with us, as workloads are in their usual lull for this time of the year. @ first it was very daunting thing to consider having to do, i have grown rather attached to those who work, not for, but with me, as i’d basically interviewed all these guys some 6 months ago, & selected a team of 15 to employ. Over this time i was able to get rid of 6 of them, which was ok, ’cause some of those guys weren’t the best to work with.

And once i had the team where they we’re @, i was most content, my job was alot easier ’cause i had a bunch of professional & talented people, also with all important people skills, so it was quite fun to think of turning up on nightshift to hangout with them.

Honestly, it ended up being like breaking up with 9 girlfriends simultaniously, we we’re all very bummed out by the whole affair, so proceeded to the lounge to get drunk & rant & rave & enjoy the good times, for one last time.

I really hope to work with some of these guys again.. Although i am greatful for being back on dayshifts, starting a different & challanging role & back to some sembellance of a ‘normal’ life, i’m gonna miss the lil’ buggers like crazy.

hmm, i guess these hoops are made for jumping thru.. i guess as long as there is a decent paycheck @ the end of the line, then i don’t mind dancing for ‘the man’ once in a while.


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