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beer & computers never mix

Posted by giveaphuk on March 10, 2007

ok, so last night i was rockin out to some music, drinking beer & generally enjoying that which was the end of my working week.. All was great until i spashed some beer over my macbook pro, which wasn’t that bad, it didn’t seap inside, or so i thought.

So then i wake up, next day, go to check my email & discover this beer stain on the INSIDE of my screen, & am now like shit, this big splotch sux, if only it looked like the virgin mary, or elvis or someone then i could sell it for heaps on ebay..

the computer runs fine, everything is good except for the stain, which although it isn’t shocking, it’s really not going to help me as a designer.

macbook pro beer stain lcd screen.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how i fix this? I seriously doubt apple will cover this with my warranty & i don’t really want to buy a new lcd.


16 Responses to “beer & computers never mix”

  1. giveaphuk said

    UPDATE: the stain slowly appears to be fading away.. 🙂 *fingers crossed* it will be ok..

  2. legodude522 said

    Hi, the beer isn’t on the inside of the LCD, it’s behind it. So what you are gonna need to do is open up the display and remove the backlight from the LCD and clean off the back of the LCD very carefully.

    Just so you know that if you do clean this, it will be complicated and a pain. Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any damages.

  3. legodude522 said

    Now I see your update. If it goes away, forget what I said. Good luck!

    The owner of a once cracked iBook.

  4. David said

    Daang, beer and computers always mix. Just not beer inside computers. Now that’s a bad combination

  5. Brent said

    Just don’t get sloppy when you drink, and don’t put your beer on your desk. You learned a valuable (and expensive) lesson. Now you will probably have to fork over some money to have someone repair this.

    This could have happened with soda or any beverage. Keep food and beverages away from your desk. Use a table!

  6. […] beer & computers never mix ok, so last night i was rockin out to some music, drinking beer & generally enjoying that which was the end of my […] […]

  7. cuzoogle said

    friends should not let friends drink and surf

  8. Jason(x) said

    That looks #!*@% painful.. I can remember at least one movie which started out this way and it didn’t bode well for that chap. Great soundtrack though. Keep an eye out for signs that your computer is flirting with your girlfriend and unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances 😐

  9. Winston said

    I’m also a designer just recently finding myself in the same sticky (HAR HAR) situation. I am now poised watching the back light SLOWLY dry and I found your blog while searching the internet to see what in the hell I’m going to do next, haha!! Good luck…

  10. Emily said

    Same thing happened to me last night. I have a splotch on my screen. Are you saying you think it will fade? Or should I be safe and take it to the Apple store?

  11. Jason said

    Ok- I spilled a mixture of lemonade, vodka & red bull on my MacBook Pro. Screen went all crazy. Powered it down and am now in the 24-hour drying-off period. I am praying this works as I work on a cruise ship and am in Turkey right now. I don’t know when the next time I’ll be anywhere near a Mac Store will be. I know the steps to make as little damage happen as possible, and I think I’m a bit screwed only b/c the laptop was on when this happened. Oh well, If anyone is reading this and HASN’T spilled a drink on a laptop before, please think twice. I live in room smaller than most people’s bathrooms, and I share it with another person, so the “use a table” advice is kinda useless. The real lesson is be really careful with things that are expensive and deserve to be taken care of. That’s where I’m at- what a bad day… 😦

  12. Liza said

    So, whats happend a year later?? is the stain gone by now?

  13. Marie said

    I’m also currently waiting for a spill of kitten formula to dry…it seeped through a bag that I thought was sealed up well and leaked onto the sides of my MacBook Pro, getting the little ports and the entire perimeter of the laptop. It did not get onto the keyboard and my computer still works. This happened 4 days ago and after I noticed the spill, I cleaned it up with an alcohol wipe, removed the battery (it wasn’t wet but I guess I just wanted to make sure) and let it sit in a warm, dry room. I brought it to an Apple store the next day (no, liquid damage is not covered by them) but the Genius Bar was closed. They advised me to back it up asap then set up an appointment for them to open it up and see how extensive the damage was. I let it sit to hopefully dry out some more since then and today is the first day I’ve opened it again (to make my Apple appointment) and I noticed the screen seems to be drying up and the computer works fine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the screen will continue drying over time and also hoping they don’t find any other damage to the computer that would indicate it’s an invisible time bomb before I lose use of the computer entirely.

    Also, I don’t know if this helps anyone, but they estimated that a replacement of my 17″ screen would be about $1,300.00. Ouch.

  14. giveaphuk said

    A year later, I am selling the laptop to a friend for $800 au.

    which is a fair price, considering there is still some gunk stuck on the screen, but u kind of learn not to notice it.

    Other than that the laptop still runs perfect. I guess I got lucky.

    I’m curious to know how everyone else went..

  15. oisin said

    reading this gives me hope – walked into town with a 17 in powerbook, a mixer and 4 cans of beer, one of them punctured, luckily i randomly called into a friends house and offered him a beer, noticed that one was open a little and immediately took out the battery.
    Let it dry for a few days and everything worked fine except i know have a few bright patches along the left side of the screen.
    Also to anyone who reads this i eventually plugged it in to the wall and the screen went beserk. black bands and multicolored lines everywhere. I almost cried, thankfully next morning after leaving it in the sunshine for about two hours the screen came back to life.
    I’m now left wondering if its worth taking it apart and cleaning the back of the lcd and possibly making everything worse or seeing if it will dry out completely and leave a slight stain or just doing nothing and getting insurance next time.

  16. cathal said

    Yeah, my friends were acting the ass over at my house and then they spilled a beer can over my laptop. Needless to say it was the fastest I ever moved, flipped it upside out, took out the power and the battery, ripped the keys off it and dried the spill and left it overnight. The next morning it had a scar resembling a ghostly flame, which looked pretty sweet, until the day after it inverted the entire screen. So I downloaded powerstrip and inverted the inverted colours and now it looks dull. So ill write back if it dies anymore, does anyone think i should get my friend to cover part of the replacement cost or not? Im bordering on the not side, but id like to hear what you guys think… 😛

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