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Being a ‘good’ Samaritan but a ‘bad’ human

Posted by giveaphuk on March 13, 2007

Today I was at a police station, there was a guy there who’d just found a mountain bike, he was wanting to report it to the police & if no-one had claimed then he was wanting the bike for himself. Before anything the policeman threw a suspicious look at this guy & demanded he submit his full name & contact details, & should he not he would be arrested on the spot for theft of a bicycle.

The poor guy hesitated a minute, as i know i would, & i imagined a whole bunch of mister meaners race through his mind, did he have outstanding tickets, did he miss court, was he stoned? was there something he had forgot, in the process of this, this act of reporting a stolen bike, was he so swept up, that he forgot about something from the past, which might have just very well just now caught up with him?

I mean sure the guy would have expected to submit his details, as why else would he be there, if he had wanted to claim the bike, but it was just the tone of the cop? was it the words ‘instantly arrested’ that triggered off this paranoia?

& well the reason I was there because i had just found a handbag in our outside trashcan as I just about to pour mouldy stagnant pasta onto it, before it struck me as odd as to why there would be a rather nice handbag in our trash? So i picked it up & I had to check, just to see i there was perhaps a phone or some way of contacting the owner, & sure enough there was Id, credit cards, keys, pamphlet’s & stuff, but clearly certainly no money, & no direct contact methods other than address. So I, the good Samaritan, walked down to the police station, with the intention of commiting a good act, so that this bag may fall again into the right hands. I know how it feels to lose your bag, & although losing cash is a bummer, its stuff like Id, credit cards etc that are a lot more of a bother to replace.

But after I left the police station, I too became slightly paranoid about maybe perhaps, having some outstanding ticket, or have committed some crime, i’ve either forgotten about or been unaware off at the time.

So sometimes perhaps it is possible to be both a ‘good’ Samaritan & a ‘bad’ human? I know this guy, from the police station will totally understand what i’m talking about..


3 Responses to “Being a ‘good’ Samaritan but a ‘bad’ human”

  1. The good Samaritan was being a good neighbor. Is it possible to be a good neighbor and a bad human? I don’t think so. Mountain Bike Man’s claim on the bike took him out of the good neighbor catagory, perhaps. You, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be making a claim on the purse. Probably wasn’t a designer bag, eh?

  2. Shaun said

    That was nice of you, ids and those sort of documents are a pain to replace.

  3. MJ said

    Returning lost things is always a good deed. Who knows, maybe the police can catch the criminal(s) with the evidence in the bag you found?

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