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how to win candy bar competition prizes

Posted by giveaphuk on March 23, 2007

ok, so maybe I’m cutting myself short by posting this, but here is a surefire way to win certain candy bar competitions.. I was told this by a guy @ work who was, in turn educated by his girlfriend on how to do this.. They actually won not one, but two ipods from following this theory & I also won a PSP by doing the same thing.

1) The competitions are generally about entering via SMS & winning a prize ‘every hour’
2) you have to eat alot of candy &/or drink soft drink depending on whose offering. (eg. for my psp i had about 12 candy bar wrappers)
3) after you have consumed alot of product, choose a really random time (eg. I chose Australia vs. Italy world cup football match) when you think not alot of people will be thinking of entering such competitions. Then wait until it strikes the hour..
4) enter all your chances until you run out of wrappers, you don’t have to be fast about it, just steady, say one every two – 5 minutes (for psp i did about 8 SMS entries until i got a msg back saying i’d won!), so basically with a little luck you’ll get this same message before you run out of wrappers.
5) chose the prize carefully (eg. with my friends ipod, they we’re offered either an ipod or $500 cash, my friend figured most ppl would go for the cash), so that odds are stacked in your favour. There is a new one starting in Australia, where we get to chose from 1) $1000 2) sony laptop or 3) PSP/PS3 combo.. Seeing PS3’s are crap, & selling like hotcakes NOT! i will be punting on this piece of techno gaming junk, that way i can flog it off on ebay & get myself a WII.

I’d be interested to know if these kinds of competitions are global, & if anybody else has had such success.


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