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The rise of the idiots

Posted by giveaphuk on July 22, 2008

If you have ever watched nathan barley show you will be familiar with the concept of ‘the rise of the idiots’ something I contemplated whilst at exit, but my camping in dubrovnik confirmed this. The campsite I found in Dubrovnik was totally beautiful, called ‘autokamp paridiso’ it lived up to its name. I set up my tent under some lovely shady trees & was in the process of chilling, smoking a hash joint in the shade, when I was greeted by 6 english people camping next to me. Although friendly, after a few hours hanging with them, I realised that these guys were indeed idiots, none of their loud, obnoxious conversation was of any intellictual value,it just was ranting about crap,punctuated by bitching & complaining about life. After two days camping next to these guys,I really wondered if I could work in england, what If i was surrounded by these people I would soon take a gun to my head, or at the very least deafen myself so I would not have to hear such shit. I was also nice enough to share my small block of hash with them, which they ended up stealing,(note: as I write this I am in a hostel in split, croatia, run by a beautiful family, & am listening to another group of idiots, getting drunk & being very loud, even though the hostel staff has told them already to keep it down, I kind of hope they aren’t allowed to stay longer, as I would like to stay here a few more days, but if these idiots are around,I will have to go elsewhere).


One Response to “The rise of the idiots”

  1. Agnes said

    Yes, welcome to the idiots. Mark, I remember such atrocities when I traveled also. Be prepared to recognise them pretty much EVERYWHERE. AND! I’m so glad I’m not the only Aussie that’s seen Nathan Barley.. Did we ever talk about that the night that we met???

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