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Who Am I?

self portrait 2006

An australian male, working professionally as a designer but also caught up in this crazy thing called ‘art’. Self confessed computer geek & occassional gamer, i have an interest in technology, but also the spiritual sides of existance.

Rowdy social type living in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, i am often also out indulging in food, beer/wine, music & theatre. I laugh alot & love most to watch the world go by in fascination.


2 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. pistolpete said

    I found your site on the “TOP” list. It’s really great. I’m not very little about art, so I’ll use you as something as a tutor. I’ll come back here more.

    By the way, on the topic of sex, war and the Internet – check out my posts – “An Exclusive Interview with Sigmund Freud” & “My Dinner with Dr. Freud” at “Necessary Therapy”

  2. Luca said

    Hey I saw you spilt beer on your Macbook Pro. I did the samething, I wanted to know a couple of things, if you could contact me by email I’d appreciate it.

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