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getting itunes 8.20 & an iphone 3gS to work in Windows XP64

Posted by giveaphuk on June 28, 2009

This is a slight ammendment to the awesome guide for getting your itunes to work under XP64 written by Yukichigai here..

I just got my Iphone 3gS & wasn’t suprised to find thit it wouldn’t sync with itunes using this method, however I have found a way to get it to work using similar methods..

what you need is

The latest x64 version of 7-zip

Microsoft Orca (Or get it out of this CAB file)

The latest version of QuickTime ( at writing time)

Itunes VERSION 8.20

Follow Yukichigai’s instructions using the 8.20 version of itunes BUT when you install AppleMobileDeviceSupport64 you’ll get an error saying you need to ‘install XP service pack 2 or newer’ .. what you have to do right click on ‘AppleMobileDeviceSupport64’ file & edit with ORCA.. then goto launch conditions & DELETE the line which refers to ‘service pack 2’

save file, & then install apple mobiledevicesupport64 & itunes64, this time without the ‘install service pack 2 or newer’

sorry this post is so vague, but please comment with questions & i’ll reply, but right now i really wanna play with my iphone.


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using gmail chat in 3rd party chat applications

Posted by giveaphuk on March 20, 2007

something really cool i just discovered, while fooling around with my macs chat client adium. If you go into your preferances you’ll see an option for adding new accounts.. When adding a new account, simply select ‘google talk’ & then input your email address as username & subsequent gmail account password.

Then, as if magic, all your gmail buddies (that you prob. chat to @ work) are magically appearing online with all your other msn, yahoo, .mac, jabber friends..

I am guessing the same goes for similar PC apps.

Too easy!!

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beer & computers never mix

Posted by giveaphuk on March 10, 2007

ok, so last night i was rockin out to some music, drinking beer & generally enjoying that which was the end of my working week.. All was great until i spashed some beer over my macbook pro, which wasn’t that bad, it didn’t seap inside, or so i thought.

So then i wake up, next day, go to check my email & discover this beer stain on the INSIDE of my screen, & am now like shit, this big splotch sux, if only it looked like the virgin mary, or elvis or someone then i could sell it for heaps on ebay..

the computer runs fine, everything is good except for the stain, which although it isn’t shocking, it’s really not going to help me as a designer.

macbook pro beer stain lcd screen.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how i fix this? I seriously doubt apple will cover this with my warranty & i don’t really want to buy a new lcd.

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Mac vs. PC. Which survives a bullet?

Posted by giveaphuk on February 26, 2007

I just did a bit of research & now we’ll see which computer is the toughest. Here are two seperate situations where laptops saved their owners lives. Macbook Pro vs. Panasonic CF-M34 Toughbook. Which one survives a bullet?

macbook pro takes bullet

Mac takes a bullet during failed mugging in brazil.
& still works!!

toughbook bullet

PC takes a bullet for a US soldier in iraq.
& died!

Although i am happy to inform you, that both the targets of the indended bullets both were saved thanks to the tech they were packing & then again i’m also relieved to know that although apple isn’t involved in military hardware, it still can take a bullet for its owner.

Let’s keep all the good tech in the hands of creatives!


Now lets throw an Ipod into the list.. Interesting photo I found of flickr, here.

ipod bullet

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vista – a macfanboys 1st impression

Posted by giveaphuk on February 20, 2007

so my mate came around with a brand new laptop so i could show him around, turns out it has windows vista (home edition) installed on it, so i spend the 1st hour or so wavering between WTF & hey this is cool.

Didn’t run BF2, i crashed it (badly) after stupidly installing an xp driver. From being primarily a mac user, though i do use XP for games etc, only if they are not already ported to osX, I have to say that vista is a great improvement, i’d enjoy playing more with it, i guess i would need the best version, don’t know if ‘home’ quite cuts it, but i’d have to say osX does win hands down, but vista does have legs, & it’s an os i will be keeping an eye out for..

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