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art – control alt delete ak47

Posted by giveaphuk on May 7, 2007

control alt delete ak47


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art – sex & war

Posted by giveaphuk on April 9, 2007

war has to always be so phallic… So let’s substitute, well kinda 🙂

substitute phallus

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Mac vs. PC. Which survives a bullet?

Posted by giveaphuk on February 26, 2007

I just did a bit of research & now we’ll see which computer is the toughest. Here are two seperate situations where laptops saved their owners lives. Macbook Pro vs. Panasonic CF-M34 Toughbook. Which one survives a bullet?

macbook pro takes bullet

Mac takes a bullet during failed mugging in brazil.
& still works!!

toughbook bullet

PC takes a bullet for a US soldier in iraq.
& died!

Although i am happy to inform you, that both the targets of the indended bullets both were saved thanks to the tech they were packing & then again i’m also relieved to know that although apple isn’t involved in military hardware, it still can take a bullet for its owner.

Let’s keep all the good tech in the hands of creatives!


Now lets throw an Ipod into the list.. Interesting photo I found of flickr, here.

ipod bullet

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art – war of the posers

Posted by giveaphuk on February 24, 2007

i made this in 2004.wasn’t this war supposed to be over by now?
war of the posers

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Art never wins a war

Posted by giveaphuk on February 24, 2007

I propose that artworks, along with innocent lives are most certainly destroyed by war.

I had just read an interesting article on BBC news site re: “Advanced geometry of Islamic art” (Geometry & Art are two words i love to hear together in a sentence) & ended up realising that in war, art or culture will always lose regardless of any patch of earth being ‘liberated’ by either friend or foe (what is the difference?). War is really about the battle between egos, insanity, cultural difference, morals & ‘god’. It’s not like anybody involved really gives a shit about stuff which looks nice.

islamic art

And all sides are to blame, all those who look down the scopes of their weapons to others looking back @ them, both seeking to spill each others blood. I remember when the taliban destoyed the buddhas of bamyan, something that, as a child i saw in a national geographic magazine, & drempt since of actually visiting them one day. *sigh* Destroying something so amazing, is just plain dumb in my eyes.

& now all these bombs dropped in the middle east by coalition forces, surely must be destroying some timeless & priceless art. I know alot of americans are damn proud of their flag, as a symbol for freedom & history, so perhaps they should be more aware of art, history, culture & how all this is represented, & timecapsulised within every piece of art that exists. I don’t know if it’s just me, but i find art from other cultures, to be most exciting, & provides, in turn, inspiration for my own work.

As an artist, of a spiritual (but not religious or dogmatic) nature, i have to say that yes, we create art out of faith, hope, when in love or pain & often for god, so does this mean that the enemies art should be classified as ‘enemy combatant’ or is this art being wiped out, like all the innocent people ie: ‘colateral damage’, suffering & being destroyed in this craziness. Does anybody care beyond destruction?

Perhaps art will have to fight back, or is it already in the form of a new mooninite army?


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art – are we there yet?

Posted by giveaphuk on February 20, 2007

digital image 2006 – a work showcasing war, greed, gluttony & stupid questions.

are we there yet?

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art – mcsalvation – closeup

Posted by giveaphuk on February 19, 2007

close up detail of digital image, mcsalvation.

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art – mcsalvation

Posted by giveaphuk on February 19, 2007

mcsalvation – digital image – 6m x 1.8m – a 1 gig work file..

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