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what the hell is hillary looking @?

Posted by giveaphuk on April 6, 2007

found a great forum yesterday, RE: this odd image of Hilary Clinton..

what the hell is hillary looking @?

Such an image is so ripe for a bit of photoshopping, Jump Here to the forum to see some hilarious results. I was going to post mine there, but it required i spend $9 to join forum, so instead i’ll post mine below! enjoy! & I welcome you to post your own photoshopped images if u feel like making something funny, from such a classic image.

So here is Hilary Scarface.

Hilary Clinton v. scarface


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brittney’s hair

Posted by giveaphuk on February 20, 2007

I think every woman should try shaving her head @ least once in their life. Being a guy who spent many years initially trying to hide the fact they are going bald by shaving their head, i have to admit, from experience, that the sensation of no-hair is pretty amazing, & although i now sport a crazy Kung-Fu karate style mullet, i must say i am looking Fwd to one day again feeling the smoothness of a 1 blade. (& when u have a shaved head u find that everybody will have the urge to rub your stubble!)

As for tattoos, well everybody should also have those, as its another beautiful feeling & done well will be enjoyed for life.. & i’m not talking bar-codes..

The dumb thing is everybody is going like ‘ooohhhh, Brittney’s crazy!!’ .. aren’t we allowed to run wild sometimes, or is it better for us to all strive towards normality?

But what awaits Brittney? Is she really going to go the way of Sinead O’Conner, denouncing the church & state, then dropping out & making beautiful reggae/dub music?

 NEW THEORY!! updated 25/02/07
I was having a chat to a friend re: brittney’s hair & his take was that maybee she shaved her hair of because of an upcoming custody battle for her children. Drugs & all sorts of stuff are able to be analyised from hair samples, so if Brittney was naughty the last however long her hair is, then it would easily be able to be found.

So the simple thing to do, is shave off the hair, & well put it on ebay for an easy $1million.. Is this the price her secret is worth??  Perhaps this hair may be worth something..

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the secret

Posted by giveaphuk on February 19, 2007

In homage to Bukowski i have a new catagory titled ‘women’ in which i can express my love (& frustrations) encounted with my favorite gender of the human species..

now today i am musing, why does it feel so exciting to have a secret thing going with someone, yet so frustrating cause its something that i have to be a little hush hush about..

At art school i once did an artwork titled ‘the secret’, it was a pair of girls panties (very sexy ones @ that) that mysteriously appeared in my room after a very big night, so i built a display box, & suspended them with fishhooks, springs & wire.. Titled the work ‘the secret’ & too this day i figure there is only one person who knows the origin of the work. I myself was never 100% sure whose they were.

*sigh* alas the work has been lost, along with the wild art school days.. although i am endevoring to recreate the work digitally, unless in the future some fine woman leaves behind underwear worthy of art!

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