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Time to Split

Posted by giveaphuk on July 22, 2008

After a week camping in the most peaceful of surrounds I have grown edgy with having nothing to do but swim in the ocean and tan in the sun, I have now decided I need to travel up to the big cities, like berlin so I can rockout in some really underground clubs. As long as I can escape the english & hang with locals I will be a happy man. I am now working my way up the croation coast & willl be in slovenia in a few days, where I can chill, & sort my travel plans to berlin, I am thinking of finding a couch in budapest,staying there a few days, then berlin to meet up with some friends, totally rock out before moving to amsterdam, smoking alot of the finest weed I can find, then to england (to find some work) because by then I am going to be pretty broke.


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