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beer & computers never mix

Posted by giveaphuk on March 10, 2007

ok, so last night i was rockin out to some music, drinking beer & generally enjoying that which was the end of my working week.. All was great until i spashed some beer over my macbook pro, which wasn’t that bad, it didn’t seap inside, or so i thought.

So then i wake up, next day, go to check my email & discover this beer stain on the INSIDE of my screen, & am now like shit, this big splotch sux, if only it looked like the virgin mary, or elvis or someone then i could sell it for heaps on ebay..

the computer runs fine, everything is good except for the stain, which although it isn’t shocking, it’s really not going to help me as a designer.

macbook pro beer stain lcd screen.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how i fix this? I seriously doubt apple will cover this with my warranty & i don’t really want to buy a new lcd.


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